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izvještajo rezultatima predizbornog anketnog istraživanja i analize izbornih programa

analiza izbora u bih 2010.godine

izvještaj o prijavljenoj imovini na izborima u bih 2006. i 2010. godine

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about us

Center for humane politics is non-government, non-partisan and non-profit organization. Center was founded in October 2003. with goal to promote ideas about more humane, democratic, just and enriched society, it supports systematic and other changes that will provide execution of authority for public interest, existence of responsible, successful, uncorrupted and socially sensitive authority, fair elections, rule of law, larger participation of citizens and world peace, it contributes to development of civil society and alternative political scene, it protects interests of endangered and disenfranchised, to be independent from authorities and other power centers and to execute other socially beneficial activities. Basic activities of the center are analysis, research, monitoring and lobbying, which are being conducted as donor or project and non-donor and non-project activities.

Analysis and research
. Center follows and analyses significant political processes, events and occurrences. Center is capable to impartially and in methodically correct way conduct research of significant social and political problems. Research results of the center serves to measure or describe situation, give it objective dimension and warn to necessary changes. Center have experience in analysis and research of electoral programs and fulfillment of electoral promises, elections, public administration, revision of public sector, achieving health care, confidence of citizens into authorities and elections and institutional efficiency for combating organized and other crime.

Monitoring. Center is conducting monitoring of institutions of authority on local, entity and state level, elections and other processes or events. Center started monitoring activities on local level in 2004. by monitoring elections and work of local authorities. Center have experience in monitoring pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral process and reform of public administration in BiH.

. Center lobbies systematic and other changes that need to provide democracy instead of partocracy, uncorrupted instead of corrupted authority, fair instead of unfair elections, justice instead injustice and satisfied instead of dissatisfied citizens. Center have experience in lobbying for electoral penalties for ruling parties that do not fulfill electoral promises, fair elections and better public administration, health care and public expenditure, as well as lobbying for better protection of endangered social values, constitutionality, legal changes and freedom of media. Center have special and long term experience in attempts of lobbying for decriminalization of authorities and society in BiH, trough lobbying for judiciary reform, processing of reported criminal acts and initiating identification of conflict of interests .